Latest Update 10th July 2021
  • An important part of my gardening style is to carefully plan what I'm growing and in which beds.  This propagation plan is adjusted as I go to reflect any improvements I may make during the year.
  • I use it to coordinate planting and harvesting so the beds are kept occupied all year round.  I also calculate occupancy rates (%) for each bed each month, and work out how many seeds to order every 6 months.
  • Each year I start a new plan based on the old one in its improved form.
  • The plan details which plants need to be sown each month including quantites to be grown, and whether the seeds should be sown in a propagator or directly into the ground. 
  • My propagation plan is a calendar and a diary, and contains links to my vegetable database.  Useful information can be looked up when the next crop is ready to be grown. 
  • I also maintain a services plan to remind me when to make hot compost including when to mix and aerate it during its 18 day process.  I plan when to order seeds, when to spray aerated compost tea, when to apply compost extract and when to look out for seasonal pests.
  • The main thing is that these two planning blog pages enable me to continuously improve my vegetable garden's performance.