Latest Update 18th February 2017.

Growing Organic Vegetables.
  • I have carefully researched and tested the best ways to grow vegetables in my part of the world, and you can see the way I currently do things in my blog on growing organic vegetables.
  • Each vegetable I grow has a page assigned to it showing how it is grown in my garden.  Its of limited value to people living in other parts of the world with different climates, but some of the entries are of universal value.
  • Each page contains a botanical name, varieties grown, the family grouping for crop rotation, preferred growing conditions, nutritional value, soil preparation, propagation, planting, harvesting and pest control.
  • The blog is not designed to read like a novel, and there is a lot of repetition within the pages especially where vegetables are from the same family.
  • I use it as a reference document, and often check out the pages describing plants grown infrequently, or plant details recently updated. 
  • Over time I review plant information, and make changes to reflect things like shifts in propagation requirements due to changed weather conditions, testing new plant varieties, or evaluating new techniques for dealing with pests... etc.
  • Every vegetable I grow has a record in the database.  I grow nearly 30 different types of vegetable plant each year and the range is growing.
  • It really is worthwhile having data on hand drawn from personal experience and events from your own garden's ecosystem.
Use the links above for more details about the Vegetables Database. ** Note the link to Pumpkins takes you to an overflow blog "More Organic Vegetables".