Compost Tea

Latest Update 15th December 2017.
Making Aerated Compost Tea.
  • I make two 15 litre batches of aerated compost tea every month and spray the brew on the foliage of my garden plants.  I do this to boost the community of beneficial microbes on the leaves which helps increase uptake of nitrogen from the atmosphere and provides a protective barrier against airborne plant pathogens.
  • The brewing process is about growing beneficial microbes extracted from a small quantity of freshly made compost and fed with small amounts of seaweed and fish extract.  These microbes grow rapidly during the 24 hour aeration process, and the tea is alive with them when its finished.
  • The finished brew is sprayed onto the garden without delay so the beneficial microbes don't run out of oxygen.
Building a Compost Tea Brewer.
  • My brewer is made from easily obtained components usually available from your local hardware store or plumbing supplier.  The pump and the aquarium heater, however may only be available at specialist pet stores or from an on line supplier.
  • The unit is designed to be easily disassembled for cleaning and disinfecting between brews (without leaving anaerobic residues in place after reassembly).
  • This unit is very effective for brewing batches of 15 litres of compost tea.  The air pump generates plenty of turbulence in the water so beneficial microbes are extracted from the compost and kept supplied with oxygen during the brewing process. 
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