Nutritious Food

Latest Update 15th March 2017.

Growing Nutritious Food.
  • If you want to enjoy excellent health eat nutritious organic food, and if you really want to be sure you are getting all the nutrients you need from your organic food, grow your own. 
  • Modern farming and food processing practices have resulted in food which looks good on the supermarket shelves, but does it provide the nutrition we need?  I don't think so.
  • Modern convenience foods are often laced with sugars and salts and are heavily refined.  They are designed to maximise flavour and get you to eat more than you need. 
  • High use of these foods alters the beneficial microbe mix in your small intestine, and they are rapidly assimilated into your body providing more than enough energy for its needs.  Because these foods are usually deficient in essential nutrients, vitamins and fibre, the body is not getting what it needs and you feel hungry.
  • It seems to be the main driver of obesity these days, and some of the other modern illnesses like diabetes, food allergies and worse.
  • A crude way of controlling these food deficiencies is to consume vitamin and mineral supplements in the form of pills.  A much better way is to consume great tasting, wholesome organic fruit, vegetables and protein, which provide you with a balanced diet containing all your body's requirements without feeling hungry all the time, and without getting too fat.
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