Monday 25 December 2023

Blog December 2023

Following the theme of my last Blog in August, Ecobed 4 and the drip line irrigated beds (shown above) have now been fitted with de-mountable pest exclusion covers.  Sowing seeds and transplanting seedlings is a bit of a reach in the middle of the larger bed, but doable.  Inspection and harvesting is simplified.  Protection against pests and high winds is significantly improved.

This is the new supporting structure for my tomatoes, cucumbers and capsicum (sweet peppers).  The cord I use in conjunction with plastic ties provides excellent support for the tomatoes, and as they grow, I remove all side shoots and gradually remove lower leaf branches.  This keeps the plants focused on growing the fruit and improves ventilation.  It also helps deter fungal pest issues.  When the tomatoes reach the cross beams, I remove the leaders to redirect growth to the fruit and keep them within easy reach.